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HUAWEI E5783 (4G 300Mbps 16WIFI Share Max 6hr)




HUAWEI E5783B-230 Mobile WiFi (hereinafter referred to as the E5783B-230) is a high-speed packet access mobile hotspot. It is a multi-mode wireless terminal for SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) and business professionals. 



  • FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28/B32 (2100,1800,2600,900,800,700,1500 Mhz), TDD B38/B40(2300~2395MHz)
  • CA ( LTE-A) : B1+B8(B1 as PCC), B1+B20, B1+B28(B1 as PCC), B3+B7, B3+B8, B3+B20, B3+B28(B3 as PCC), B7+B8, B7+B20, B7+B28(B7as PCC), B20+B32(B20 as PCC), B20+B38(B20 as PCC), B1+B3


  • DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS: Band1(2100MHz)/Band8(900MHz)

Wi-Fi/WLAN: 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (Max 16 users same time)


Excellet work with LTE-Advance YES4G Digi Celcom Maxis Umobile Tunetalk redone Singtel Starhub m1 Circle + Oversea network



  • LTE DL Speed up to 300 Mbit/s
  • LTE UL Speed up to 50​ Mbit/s ​


  • DC-HSPA+DL (DOWNLOAD) up to 43.2Mbps
  • DC-HSPA+UL (UPLOAD) u​p to 5.76Mbps​



Hardware :

  • Battery 1500mAh (Removable), Max working time 6 hr , Max standby hour 350 hr ( depending on network)
  • 1 x micro usb interface
  • 1 x micro sim card slot 
  • LED signal, battery, and SMS indicators
  • Power button, RESET button 
  • Build in LTE/UMTS/GSM main antenna , LTE/UMTS diversity antenna , WLAN antenna
  • Operating temperature : 0 ~ 35 degree celcius
  • Dimension : 108mm x 62mm x 16mm , 151mm x 94 mm x 66 mm (With Package)
  • Weight : about 87g / 151g (With Package)


Software :

  • SMS - Writing / Sending / Receiving and storage up to 500 message
  • Network connection APN Management (create,delete and edit) ,set up network connection
  • WLAN Setup - SSID broadcasting/hiding , None (Open), WEP, WPA2-PSK, and WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption Automatic adjustment of ratios​, Display STA status , Turn off Wi-Fi automatically, WLAN MAC filter
  • Firewall setup - Enable and disable firewall, LAN IP Filter, Virtual Server, DMZ Service, UPnP Service
  • NAT setup - CONE NAT, Symmetric NAT, ALG
  • DHCP setup - DHCP server enabling and disabling, Address pool of the DHCP server setup, DHCP lease time setup
  • LTE/3G/Wi-Fi auto offload - Accessing to WAN via LTE/3G or Wi-Fi , Automatic offload between LTE/3G and Wi-Fi

HUAWEI E5783 (4G 300Mbps 16WIFI Share Max 6hr)

SKU: E5783B230
RM 390.00 Regular Price
RM 287.50Sale Price
    • Huawei E5783B-230
    • Rechargeable Battery (Movable) 
    • USB cable
    • Quick Start Guide (Including safety information) 
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • work international network / service provider

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