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HUAWEI AF10 (FOR HUAWEI E5776 / E5756)

Huawei AF10 Adapter

Work with Huawei E5756 and E5776


Huawei AF10 Specifications:

* Input connector(Micro USB): 2.6–4.5 V DC, up to 1200mA

* Output port (USB): 5 V±5%, 500mA

* Charging time: When connected to the AF10, a fully charged Mobile WiFi can charge a device for up to 3 hours.

* External port: USB port

* Dimensions (H ×W × D): 11 mm x 24 mm × 117.5 mm

* Weight: About 9g

HUAWEI AF10 (FOR HUAWEI E5776 / E5756)

RM 20.00Price
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