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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

MODIFIED SET MODEM or MOD MODEM mean we change the software / hardware of the modem in order to work on + with special plan from service provider

For the plan come with limited data like 20G and 40G , the modified modem is only use base on data supply on you package, it wont turn you 20G to unlimited

Most of unlimited data plan at current market is not allow to use on modem (this can be clarify with ISP when you purchase any plan) , mean without modified the modem, putting sim card into modem will showing no internet (NOT WORKING AT ALL)

This unlimited plan normally have limited wifi hotspot (eg 5GB)

Eg Unlimited data plan available at market

1 Yes4G konfem unlimited

2 Umobile GX / Hero plan

3 Digi I80 , I100

+Other service provider may subsequntly lauch new plan

The unlimited data by service provider mean unlimited access to internet , due to diffirent price of the unlimited plan , internet service provider normally will limit speed for cheaper plan example max DL speed 3mbps for RM 30 per month , max DL speed 5mbps for RM 50 per month .

The limit speed as shown above is unable to bypass mean even you buy modified set modem, you still have the speed limited set by service provider

We compare advantage and disadvantage



2 Hotspot Limited become Hotspot UNLIMITED (By passed limited cap for wifi hotspot)

3 Able Share hotspot wifi

4 It can still work with normal data sim / plan


1 Unable to update software / Reset modem

2 Possibilty to being block by service provider due to high volumn of data usage

3 Void Warranty , for us we still give 1 month warranty assurance

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