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Improve signal / Internet for your home router/modem

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

if you router have low signal bar showing on router, it is mean you home have poor service coverage. several suggestion can make to improve signal

1 . Relocation router

You may relocate you router to location near to window , try it on different place and result may improve

2. External Antenna

To determine if you need external antenna, please check you signal bar on router , if 1 or 2 bar or SINR 0-13db ( read here )

Router / modem with external antenna supported can consider to buy external antenna, we recommend to use outdoor external antenna . it can be test if you signal outside home is strong than inside home . you will request to position antenna toward cell direction in order to get better result . We recommend to take LPDA outdoor antenna

3. Locked on 4G frequency

If you are using huawei router, it have android app called hmanager can easy find online / google. installation the hmanager on you phone , connect to router's wifi. launch the app to specific lock frequency. it may help to improve if you select correct 4g frequency

Download from

V4.2.1 (Recommend Version)


1 Copy file into phone and install it

2 Connect wifi router to you phone

3 Open Hmanager

A: Change IP to router IP (refer to router sticker eg

B: Check and update username / password for setting (this is same as username / password use to login setting page)

C : select 4G band for testing speed

Info (subject to change)

Digi Band 1,3,7,8

Celcom/Maxis/Umobile Band 1,3,7

Unifi Band 5,38,40

Yes4G Band 20,38,40

4. Change service provider

the most easy and efficient way to solve the weak signal related issue is change the service provider, you may choose other service provider suitable / have strong coverage at you location

5. Use WIFI 5Ghz (only for modem WIFI 5Ghz Ready , Min CAT 6 or 300mbps Spec)

Select wifi technology 5Ghz , however you device need to be wifi 5ghz ready and speed for wifi 5ghz is alot increase , however it is wifi 5ghz have shorter range of wifi.

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