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Huawei H112 (Huawei CPE PRO) VS Huawei H122 (Huawei CPE PRO 2)


1 Wi-Fi 6 Plus & Enhanced Wi-Fi 5

The Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 also brings Wi-Fi 6 Plus capabilities. Also known as 802.11ax, Wi-Fi 6 Plus enables downloads speeds of up to 2976Mbps, being a huge 150% improvement on the 5G CPE Pro, which is limited to 1167Mbps with its Wi-Fi 5 capabilities.

If your mobile devices at home don’t support Wi-Fi 6 Plus quite yet, there’s no need to worry. This is because the 5G CPE Pro 2 brings benefits even to current Wi-Fi 5-enabled handsets. This is due to its Enhanced Wi-Fi 5 functionalities. With this, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 utilises 160MHz high frequency bandwidth for improved performance.

2 Upgraded Chipset (Max Speed from 2.3Gbps to 3.6Gbps)

Firstly, the 5G CPE Pro 2 features an upgraded version of the Balong 5000 chipset that supports carrier aggregation. This means that multiple network channels within similar frequency bands can be combined, drastically improving data capacity for the router. Ultimately, the new Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 enables broadband download speeds of up to 3.6Gbps, compared to a maximum of 1.65Gbps on the 5G CPE Pro.

3 MU-MIMO Technology

As well as network connection speed improvements, the 5G CPE Pro 2 brings ‘multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output’ technology to Huawei’s router line-up. Better known as MU-MIMO, the 5G CPE Pro 2 is able to send signals to 16 devices simultaneously, meaning you’ll have no trouble having the whole family online all at once.

4 Upload Speed Enhancements 5G Super Uplink

In terms of upload speeds, the 5G CPE Pro 2 utilises Huawei’s own industry-leading ‘5G Super Uplink’ technology. Here, the router merges TDD and FDD frequency bands to boost upload performance significantly (20-60% in near field and 200-400% in far field) compared to the original Huawei 5G CPE Pro. The main advantages for this are for sending data-heavy tasks, such as long, high-definition videos and for livestreaming in 4K and 8K.

5 Same Simple Setup Process

With both the 5G CPE Pro and Pro 2, Huawei have worked hard to create an unintrusive home broadband experience for its users. This starts with the easy setup process for either device. Using the Huawei AI Life app, users can setup their network quickly and manage their network effortlessly. Inside the mobile app, users can easily check their data usage and setup their monthly data plans. In addition, it is possible to setup temporary Guest Wi-Fi networks via the app, as well as being able set times during the day that choose between strong, standard and sleep modes, saving electricity when a Wi-Fi connection is not needed as urgently.

6 Design Improvements

As stated by Huawei themselves, the 5G CPE Pro 2 retains the ‘classic look inspired by ancient Greek columns’. Because of this, both of these impressive home broadband routers will match any interior style found inside users’ homes. Although the aesthetic of the newer router is similar to its predecessor, it is noticeably smaller. Being around 1/3 smaller in volume, the 5G CPE Pro 2 is a very nice, compact size (not that the original 5G CPE Pro is a behemoth by any means). With this, the Huawei CPE Pro 2 measures in at 90 x 96.6 x 178 mm (weighing around 600g); whereas, the 5G CPE Pro measures in at 99 x 107 x 215 mm (weighing around 700g).

7 More 5G frequency supported

5G CPE Pro compare with 5G CPE Pro, it is support more 5G frequency, mean the device can bring all over world and working with 5G network

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