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Huawei E5785 On Screen Setting

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

To go to secret menu hided, please follow below steps

Turn on device, press top menu 3 second and release, we will go to below setting page

Enter TTL & IMEI PAGE by press power button

Press Menu Button to scrool down auto IMEI and apply

Press Menu Button to scrool down apply fixed TTL

Other Setting

The device can bypass battery mean work with removed battery

take note battery always shown 100% after this function activated

After disable battery , shut down modem, remove battery (not to use battery)

and use usb cable only

1 Device cannot use to charge battery

2 The battery will no response to device

3 Use only cable


Step 1 Go to menu , select Disable battery

Step 2 After Enter Battery Menu , Select Disable

Step 3 : Successful selected screen as shown below, turn off device, remove battery, plug in usb cable to power adaptor or PC

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