Different between B618s22d Vs B618s65d

Both B618s22d and B618s65d is same model

Only different for both s22d VS s65d is 4G frequency

B618s22d 4G BAND: 4G: LTE FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz & TDD 2600MHz

B618s65d 4G BAND: 4G: LTE FDD 700/850/900/1800/2100/2600MHz & TDD 2300 MHz


CELCOM / MAXIS / DIGI / UMOBILE : FDD 900 , FDD 1800 , FDD 2100 , FDD2600MHz

Below 2 service provider have special 4G Frequecy design, our recommendation as shown

UNIFI AIR : FDD 850 , TDD 2300 , TDD2600

YES4G : TDD 2300 , TDD 2600 , FDD 800 (NEW)

UNIFI AIR user is advise to choose B618s65D

YES4G user is advise to choose B618s22D (Mod Version)

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