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Story Celcom B618s22D and UNIFI B618s65D

Year 2018 , huawei b618s22d is coming ...

The router is subside by celcom mean celcom paid for it , the only condition to take is you have to subscribe Celcom plan. to prevent consumer use the router with other ISP (internet service provider) , celcom had locked the router , mean the router is now only able recognise celcom sim.

However ,the locked router had been easy hacked and unlock by most of expert. For almost one year +, celcom lost money and the team so call expert is taken extra pocket money from celcom

Year 2020 , celcom implement KILL ROUTER solution from huawei. the software original is V11 version. huawei provide free upgrade to V81 version and add in another layer of permenant locked to all celcom supplied router.

People thinking if router not at malaysia , it is safe, but they are all WRONG! .Even the router far away from europe or every corner of world , the system is still able to track down all celcom set router , by identify imei/serial no of the router , and implement software update as long as you have INTERNET.

Many B618 owner is aware on this , they are act very smart way to immediately turn off auto update/ all update service available on router, however, they are WRONG again , the router is still able run update without any approval and permission from owner !

The same story applied to Unifi set b618s65D , the different is unifi b618s65d first generation when using software V11, it is supply to user without any lock, mean it can use on any internet service provider, same story , the new release V81 version free upgrade is killing the freedom of use for all router unifi supplied.

until today , the group of NEVER GIVE UP expert finally find up new solution to unlock...

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